Wildcat White Moonshine

filling bottles of Moonshine An unaged whisky, Wildcat White is made from small batch, pot distilled mashes of Washington wheat, Washington malted barley, corn, and our special touch: Irish Death, from our neighbor Iron Horse Brewery.

These batches are individually distilled and then are blended together to create an exceptionally complex and unique whiskey that is rich in flavor and incredibly smooth, straight from the still.

The great complexity of the Wildcat White blend has the added bonus of once placed in our two liter casks turning very quickly into an aged whiskey of great distinction.

Oak cask, whiskey


Casks can be used up to five times. Our recommendation when aging Wildcat White is to remove and rebottle your first fill of the cask after three weeks of aging in the cask. Subsequent refills can be left to age longer to taste. Rule of thumb: three months in small cask is approximately equal to one year in a commercial cask.